Domino.Merchant: surprising innovations, some limitations (5/4/98)

Intershop 3.0 shows promise, but has a few problems (4/6/98)

Net.Commerce still a champ at managing Web storefronts, review of version 3.1 (4/6/98)

Building your online storefront, a feature on the various choices for assembling your web storefront (2/2/98)


FastTrack suffices for small shops, a review of Netscape's low-end web server (11/24/97)

WebSite too big for its britches, a review of the version 2 of O'Reilly's web server software found it growing features everywhere (9/22/97)

Webfiler makes getting data online easier than ever (8/11/97)

Java Web Server proves to be a worthwhile tool (7/21/97)

Find out who came to call and where with IIS Assistant add-on (6/9/97)

Hit List Professional targest log file information (4/14/97)

HyperAccess has better connection for Windows (3/31/97)

iCat a pricey but effective e-commerce solution (3/24/97)

MarketFocus 3: Power that comes with a price (2/17/97)

SiteSweeper 1.0 simply checks, reports on sites (2/10/97)

NetIntellect's many options illuminate traffic patterns (2/3/97)

WebMapper draws a pretty picture of your web site (1/20/97)


Meridian enables CD-ROM sharing via your browser (11/25/96)

Internet conferencing software DataBeam lets browsers view whiteboards (10/28/96)

Intranet document repository Keep track of your sales contacts via the Web , a review of US Web's Sales Project Manager, part of the Netscape AppFoundry product line (10/21/96)

Commerce Builder does it all, a review of Internet Factory's web server (9/16/96)

WebTrends analyzes server logs, a review of e.g.Software's log analysis program (9/2/96)

WebShare good for small groups, a review of Radnet's WebShare web-based discussion group software (8/5/96)

Offline Web browsing: It's like surfing in Ohio, a review of O>

Transfer interrupted!


LNA6 monitors segments, pinpoints problems, a review of the Lantronix LNA6 six-segment protocol analyzer. (7/15/96)

CD-ROM appliance spins dics, Web sites with ease, a review of Compact Devices' Top Spin web server in a box (5/27/96)

Vista affords users a narrow view of network backup, a review of Palindrome's network backup management software (5/20/96)

NT Intranet Server doesn't hold up, a review of NetManage's NT-based news/web server (5/13/96)

Standy Servers Deliver, a comparative review of Vinca's Standby Server and Network Integrity's Lantegrity servers for NetWare (5/6/96)

Intrusion software now detects NT's security holes, a look at the NT version of Kane Security Analyst (5/6/96)

Website and GNNServer offer strong server tools, a short piece on the capabilities of these two NT-based web servers (5/6/96)

Finding a new set of pipes , faster Ethernet comparative review introduction (4/29/96)

Are you being served?, web server comparative review introduction (4/8/96)

Process Software's Purveyor for NetWare and NT Web servers (3/11/96)

Microsoft's Internet Information Server (2/26/96)

CD ROM Server Software(2/12/96)

Website 1.1 (2/5/96)

NetWare Web Server (2/5/96)

Palindrome NT Backup Director (1/8/96)


Managing a Web of a Mess, reviewing server content management tools (12/11/95)

Renting your plot in Cyberspace, reviewing web hosting providers (9/25/95)

First Look on Emissary and Explore, two on-ramp Windows software products

ABN/ HSM series

Empros/Compas series

PC Card Adapters: Apple and SCM Make PC Card Disk Swapping Easy

Forms/BP Series

Campus Crusade gets VG'ed


Xircom/Dayna/Welch series

So you want to get rid of your mainframe?

NetWare 4.1 upgrade/City of

Is it time to dump your superserver?


IDSN/Brigham Conclusion

First look: IBM's Netfinity

Final "On Site" Series: Citrix/NYC Health

OS/2 redux

SQL/Standard Commercial series

Web feature


I wrote many articles for Infoworld in 1994: however, given the progress of time, many of these products are either obsolete or else my comments aren't relevant. Here are a list of topics, if you have any interest, contact me for further information.


I wrote many articles for Infoworld in 1993: however, given the progress of time, many of these products are either obsolete or else my comments aren't relevant.
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