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Network Computing

I was the founding editor-in-chief of this magazine and ran it from Issue 1 in September 1990 until December 1992. In between I hired its staff, formed the overall editorial direction, and put together the initial idea for "real world labs" which is still in force today. Along the way I wrote a monthly opinion column as well as contributed several award-winning features and product reviews. Most of those articles are hard to find, not to mention out of date. If you want hard copies from those first three years I still have them and could make arrangements, if you are really convincing, desperate, or both.

In the fall of 1996 I returned to the pages of the magazine, as the managing editor of a series of advertorial supplements around the topic of enterprise NT applications. In addition to managing and editing the content, I write various contributed articles. These supplements appeared quarterly through May of 1997. The only article that I have saved online is a story entitled, Where NT meets the Internet, which ran in December 1996.

In early 1997, I put together the editorial for CMP's Intranet Construction Site, a web site with all sorts of practical information on building intranets. Part of this task was also coordinating a series of print editions that ran in April and May 1997 in various CMP publications, including Network Computing. The site is now under new editorial direction and none of the content developed for it from my time remains online. I guess that is progress. It was an interesting and early experiment in coordinating web and print publishing, and we all learned a great deal.

Finally, in September 2000, I was asked to contribute a guest column looking back on the past ten years of network computing. That is available online here.

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