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Recommended books

There are thousands of computer-related books available, and sometimes it is hard to find just the right title. For those of you interested in learning more about Internet technologies, trends, and assorted other topics, here is some of my own recommended reading, along with links to buy these books directly from Amazon.com:
  1. John Brockman, Encounters with the Cyber Elite, Wired Books (1998). If you want to read about the personalities behind the Net (Case, Dyson, Gates, Dvorak and others), this book gives a good impression of these advanced egos and what they have accomplished.

  2. Patricia Seybold, Customers.com, Kiplinger/Times Books (1999). This is a good place to start if you are looking to examine case studies of how businesses such as Amazon, Dell etc. have used the net to improve customer relations and how customers interact with eCommerce sites.

  3. Mary Cronin, Doing More Business on the Internet, Van Nostrand Books (1995). This book is a more general business book which covers other things besides eCommerce, including security, electronic publishing and the web.

  4. James Gaskin, Corporate Politics and the Internet, Prentice Hall (1997). This book looks at the business policies and practices of the corporation about to get connected to the net, acceptable use, privacy rights, intellectual property, security threats in a very readable fashion.

  5. David Angell and Brent Heslop, Internet Business Companion, Addison Wesley (1995). This book is for those of you that have never touched any Internet protocols or services and want the most basic of introductions to gopher, web, email, telnet and why you need to care (even though was written a while ago still relevant).

  6. Don Tapscott, Growing Up Digital, the Rise of the Net Generation, McGraw Hill (1998). This book looks at how the Internet will and has influenced society and how we interact with each other, including families and raising children.

  7. Marshall T. Rose and David Strom, Internet Messaging, Prentice Hall (1998). If you are looking to learn more about Internet email and messaging technologies, I modestly recommend my own book. Here are sample chapters and a table of contents.

  8. Alan Schwartz and Simson Garfinkel, Stopping Spam, O'Reilly (1999). In our book, we didn't really get into the details about spam and how to prevent it. This book does, and gives lots of practical advice.

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