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Internet Appliances

Internet appliances are a growing market for a wide variety of applications and devices. Here is a page of various resouces, including product charts, links to our presentations at various Interop shows, and our own white paper and other publications looking at various types of products first-hand. If you know of any additional resources, let us know. This page last changed May 20, 1999.

Product Chart

Our summary of the various different kind of Internet Appliance products, and which category of services they provide. Explanation of features follow at the end of the chart.

Interop Presentation

Our Interop Atlanta 10/98 presentation, in PowerPoint 97 format, on Internet Appliances can be found here. We examine general issues about appliances, along with covering Cobalt's Qube, Ramp Net's WebRamp, Flowpoint 2201 router and the Encanto e.go server in detail.

Also, see our Interop Vegas 5/98 on evaluating several different embedded webs, including Cisco's Micro WebServer, Microtest's WebZerver, Cobalt's Qube and Apexx' Team Internet.

White paper and publications

Our extensive white paper on appliances can be found here, written with Dave Piscitello and Lisa Phifer of Core Competence.

Also see my 8/97 article entitled "The Incredible Shrinking Web Server" in Web Review for an early look at web appliances.