Professional Speaker

Strom has spoken to audiences from across various markets and levels of experience, at numerous conferences and events. He never fails to entertain and educate his audiences with practical information that can be immediately applied to their particular situations. He has a natural ability to explain even the most complex technologies, and can also provide visionary analysis and thought-provoking insights too. Strom speaks to audiences ranging from rank beginners at the local Rotary to the most geeky collections of CIOs. He is a member of the National Speakers Association. Here is his current speaking schedule and a copy of his one-sheet flyer. Strom constantly updates and customizes his presentations, owing to the fast rate of change in technology, so his audiences will always have the freshest and most current content. You will get just the right amount of information, whether you want to just know how to make the best purchase decisions or the total inner workings of some technology. His goal is help you use technology in fiscally sound, strategic, creative and fun ways.

You can listen to a podcast he has produced with Paul Gillin on the FIR podcast network on B2B marketing here.

You can download a sampling of his presentation materials and here is a link to his previous speeches and topics.


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